Complete Housing


Forward Emphasis International can be engaged to conduct a company- wide audit of CRM processes, operational delivery and staff and tenant engagement. FEI delivers a “quick win” program followed by a swift operational implementation, the result of which is the creation of quality centred, operationally efficient and commercially focused environments to support ambitious business development goals going forward.



  • Professional tenant support program
  • Customer service housing advisers
  • Arrears management service
  • Overflow support team
  • Increased tenant satisfaction
  • Real-time tenant feedback
  • Cost per tenant interaction reduced
  • Limit future capital investment


Financial Services

FEI was first contracted to deliver CRM support for a leading UK Bank in June 2002. Since then FEI has handled a range of outsourced campaigns within the banking sector. FEI is fully FCA accredited and authorised by Central Bank of Ireland.


FEI provide a complete donor experience for various high profile nonprofit organisations. This includes delivery of all creative and print of all direct marketing publications through to the direct operational delivery of new donor acquisition, donor upgrade programmes, PDD processing and direct mails.

Education (Admissions)

FEI delivers a highly professional, cost effective and reliable service to various colleges throughout Ireland and the UK. This is delivered through bespoke CRM systems and takes potential students from initial contact with the university or college, through to course payment and start.