Take a seat at our table

We have a proud history at FEI of delivering jobs with future prospects and qualifications. Coupled with our active corporate role in the community, this has created a unique dynamic of loyalty, teamwork, tenure and pride in our service delivery from all our team. All of these factors combine to allow us to recruit committed, well-educated candidates based on specific client requirements.


Rewarding Training

Training of staff is central and core to FEI. It is simple, people centred and enhances interactions through the integration of cognitive thinking, psychological wellbeing and the exploration of the senses.

Competitive Incentives

The main aim of FEI’s incentive program is to provide an additional avenue or vehicle to reward exceptional endeavours within the organisation. These have been developed by consultation with the various teams within FEI.

Social Committee

FEI feel it is essential to have a social committee with its role being to organise events and activities that help foster positive relationships with the employees and the surrounding communities and charitable organisations.


Customer Service & Sales Advisors

Q: Do you have excellent communication skills, a positive attitude and enjoy working within a team?

Insurance Claims Processors

Q: Do you have strong attention to detail and work well towards targets?