You’re Invited – Come see “Forward Emphasis” this Friday 29th September, the first ever Ocean Rowing boat to visit Malin Head.

  • Posted by Forward Emphasis
  • On September 26, 2023

“Forward Emphasis” an Ocean Rowing boat named after its main sponsor Forward Emphasis International, one of Inishowen’s largest employers based in Malin Head will be at Malin Head Pier on Friday 29th September from 12pm to 2pm and You’re Invited. The Ireland to Italy Ocean Rowing expedition is a massive feat of endurance being undertaken by Jack Norris, Aidan O’Reilly & Ciarán Breslin. Across the next two and a half years, the team are aiming to achieve three Guinness World Records. In 2024, they aim to be the first team to row around Ireland and, the following year, they want to be the first crew to make the 2,700-mile journey from Ireland to Italy and as a result the first boat to row the length of Portugal. Both voyages will be unsupported, with the Ireland to Italy expedition in 2025 estimated to take a total of four months to complete.


FEI have partnered with the expedition for the next couple of years and will roll out a number of employee initiatives, with a focus on wellbeing and adventure, dreaming big, striving for the best and challenging ourselves, showcasing their pride in their locality and highlighting their corporate & community responsibility. They will also link in with local charity partners across the length of the expedition, all tied into their company values and the ethos of the expedition.


Linda McColgan, Senior Manager, Customer Experience had this to say “It’s such an exciting opportunity to be involved in a feat of this magnitude. We are very proud of our strong company values, always striving for excellence, passionate about grasping opportunities and a real pride in where we are from and our community. This epic Ocean Rowing feat allows us to further showcase those values and we are very excited to officially launch our sponsorship of the Ireland to Italy expedition this Friday. Everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you there.”


The Ireland to Italy team along with their Ocean Rowing boat will be at Malin Head Pier on Friday 29th September from 12pm to 2pm along with their main sponsor Forward Emphasis International. Come to Malin Head and meet the team, see the first ever Ocean Rowing Boat to visit Malin Head and watch the team in action.

Follow along on Instagram – FEI @forwardemphasisinternational and the Ireland to Italy team @irelandtoitaly.